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For the citizens of Jakarta thousand islands their location to relieve fatigue city. Many Jakarta weekend visit, because this region many comfortable and fun place to visit.
Approximately 300 islands in the region, and all are adjacent one another. There are many islands to position approached that is exciting, one of which is Sepa. You can reach the place of using a speedboat located at 19 Marina Ancol. You will be taken directly to the island of Sepa, after the ship there. It took approximately less than 2 hours to get to the island because it is the location which is located at the end of a thousand islands. Enough supplies for you a little time.

Now there are tours that offer tours Sepa island can choose which suits you visit, as well as choosing a resort that you want. Rates are usually around USD 1.3 to 1.8 million per person for 2 nights at the Sepa INCH this. Glance expensive but the cost of the facilities provided sepadang inn directly watch the sea, as well as food 4 times a visit. In addition it has been for the size of the urban, air conditioning, fan john mattress double size and double beds provided for. Rates above are included to move commutes to the region.

The island- SepaKetika until you feast atmosphere in the form of beverage welcome your mark. Usually the tourists to this area during the day, immediately rushed to the buffet and that is this. Because lunch package Sepa has an enticing menu. Fried squid that is, you will be treated with such as fried chicken, chicken soup, vegetable capcay, and so on. At the time of this area restaurant also presents audio for live is that tourists who come.

Travel further course that is can in this Sepa, let's explore:

Jetski and kayak
Exercise oxygen you can in this area is the aircraft skit john boat canoe, and to round the island of Sepa. Usually airliner skit and canoe already in Sepa travel tour

John snorkeling diving
Not like if tourist island but not snorkeling john you can do fishing in vessel hire rates -150 000 per hour. You will be taken by boat owners to the area - diving john interesting for snorkeling. This moment for the memories you traveled.

For those of you who do not like to, you can fish directly in the sea around the island of Sepa, fishing and snorkeling. Lease will bring the fish to the fishing spot. So you can see the sea fishing from a boat.

John Billiard Karaoke
Day in this area you can enjoy live or billiard are also karaoke, audio presented. The manager has facilities for all, you spend your evening while playing and together.

Blueberry boat
One of the facilities that you try banan boat that is that. For those who like a challenge, banana boat into a fitting choice to try.
Some of the amenities above, this region is also often used outing and gathering a community cluster of events. That was before coming in advance for a place to stay. You who want to visit Sepa, welcome your visit to the island that is so exotic it.

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